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Lap Desks, Travel Desks, Computer Lap Desks

Laptop computers are reaching new heights in popularity, and, so therefore are Lap Desks. Lap Desks sit right on or over your lap, allowing you to work comfortably in any chair, couch or even in bed! If you like surfing the internet in front of the TV, you will want to get a specially designed desk or stand for your laptop. Even if you don't use a laptop computer, a lap desk can help in many other ways. From writing out bills while watching a movie to doing your homework in the comfort of your own bed, these compact writing surfaces are very useful. If you are interested in something bigger, check out our Laptop Desks and stands section. For more on lap desks, see our tips below on purchasing and using these great inventions. Another great choice for laptop work are TV Trays, which can be used right at the couch or chair!

Ergonomic Lap Desks

For your health, a lap desk provides a much safer way to work. Whether you are using your computer for short periods of time or even much longer, you can benefit from a desk that is designed specifically for your laptop. Setting your laptop computer directly on your legs can be unhealthy - research shows that you may be getting to much radiation from this direct contact with your legs. In addition to this, a laptop on your legs is really not high enough to get your arms into a comfortable position, causing strain on your neck and back. A lap desk can elevate your computer just enough to bring you into an ergonomic, comfortable working position.

Laptop Computer Safety

If you tend to set your laptop computer on a pillow or blanket to raise it to comfortable heights, you may be surprised to know that you can damage your computer this way. Laptops need a lot of air circulation underneath them to keep them from overheating - you have probably noticed the amount of heat that can get caught underneath them. A Lap Desk can solve this problem by giving a hard surface for the laptop, allowing the small feet under the computer to raise it enough for some air to circulate underneath!
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