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Holiday Decor, Holiday Storage, Christmas Light Storage, Holiday Decorations and more!

Holiday Decor and Storage will get ready for the Holiday Season with our updated decorations and storage ideas! A leader in home organizing expertise, we have compiled the very best Christmas and holiday items to get you organized and show your spirit beautifully. We have beautiful holiday decorations, and, more importantly, the organizers to put them in after New Years.

Holiday Decorations

Get in the spirit of things with our unique collection of decorations. An image projector is great for Halloween, Christmas, New Year's Eve and more - you can display your festive thoughts with lights for all to see! If you don't want pine needles on your carpet, try a beautiful, clean and collapsible fake tree. More decorations, including wooden advent calendars can be found in our Holiday store!

Decoration & Ornament Storage

Organization is our specialty, so we bring the newest organizers to you early in the season so you can be prepared when Christmas comes. Red and white coded holiday storage boxes, tree storage bags and Christmas light organizers keep your favorite decorations safe, dry, and easy to spot in the garage or storage unit. Artifical trees have become very popular for convenience and safety reasons, and storage options have kept up with the trend accordingly - choose from large zip-up bags to rolling stands and plastic boxes, each designed to keep your festive tree safe and happy in the off-season! For delicate bulbs and decorations, we offer sturdy plastic boxes with dividers from Iris and other storage experts to keep each precious ornament safe from breakage.

Christmas Accessories

We always keep our eyes open for unique accessories to make the holiday season easier and more fun. Some of our recent finds include automatic tree watering systems so you don't have to worry about your tree drying out before you're done with it. New greeting card organizers this year allow you to sort everything from Christmas cards to birthday cards - ready to use year-round!
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