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Daylight Lamps

Full Spectrum Lamps, Daylight Lamps, and Light Therapy Lamps!

Full Spectrum Lamps are great year round! Among our vast selection of Lighting for the home and office are more than 20 Daylight Lamps, with health and functional benefits that can be used in every home and office. Our selection includes natural spectrum table lamps, floor lamps and even natural spectrum shop lights, each with its own benefits and usable applications. With these lamps, style is not sacrificed for function, choose from basic plastic cased lamps for the desktop and more deluxe, beautiful antique style daylight floor lamps and more!

Daylight Lamps for Work and Crafts

Daylight lamps use light that is the closest thing to light from the sun, giving you the brightest, most direct light available in the home. Daylight lamps can make any job easier, by illuminating your work and projects better, allowing you to see details without straining your eyes. This is especially useful for sewing and crafts. Everyone has experienced the soreness that affects eyes that are strained in poorly lit areas - this can be minimized by using a natural spectrum lamp. Magnifying lamps help are great for everything from working with tiny items, including beading and detailed work, and even something as simple as doing the Sunday crossword puzzle! In the garage, a natural spectrum shop light stands tall and illuminates car parts and tools to give you the optimal working light.

Daylight Lamps for Health

Daylight lamps also have been proven to have a positive effect on our health! Some daylight lamps are specifically designed to spread natural spectrum light broadly, often through an entire area, like Light Therapy lamps. It is estimated that more than 4 million Americans suffer from the winter blues, caused by a lack of interaction with sunlight. This can be minimized by using a light therapy lamp - and we have a great selection, including table top models, floor standing lamps and more!
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