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In The News

Stacks and Stacks has been named as one of top 300 American ecommerce sites for the third consecutive year by the prestigious "Internet Retailer" Magazine Top 500 List. (The Fortune 500 list of our Industry)

Excepts from Jack Love's announcement-

"Internet Retailer magazine today unveiled the third edition of its best-selling guide ranking and profiling America's largest retail web sites. Taken together the retail web sites ranked in the Top 500 Guide accounted for 63% of all online retail sales in the U.S. As a group their sales growth in 2005 greatly outpaced the sales growth of all other retail web sites, growing on average at 28.5% during the year compared to just 19% for the tens of thousands of remaining sites that compete in the e-retailing industry. "I think of the Top 500 as the trailblazers of the e-retailing business," said Internet Retailer Publisher Jack Love. "They achieved their leadership position in web-based retailing by outperforming other sites on the fundamentals, and all e-retailers are well advised to thoroughly analyze these leading sites and emulate them. That is the primary reason we follow them so closely, both in this annual Guide and in our weekly Top 500 Watch e-mail newsletter." Fully 142 of the Top 500 e-retail businesses ranked in this year's Guide are owned by store-based retail chains, 88 by catalog and other direct-marketing firms, 45 by consumer branded manufacturers and 225 by the so-called pure plays or web-only retailers. Retail chains also accounted for 40% of the online sales reported by the Top 500 for 2005, while catalogers accounted for 14% of Top 500 sales, manufacturers 15% and pure plays 30%. But the web sites of the retail chains were not the growth leaders online last year. That honor goes to the web-only merchants, who as a group grew their online sales by a stunning 49%, nearly double the rate of the overall e-retailing business. By comparison, catalogers in the Top 500 grew their e-retail sales by 40%, retail chains by 27% and manufacturers by 10%. The Guide also reveals that 14 e-retailing businesses exceed the $1 billion mark in online sales in 2005 compared to just eight e-retailers the year before. "This used to be a nice little business," said Love. "Now, it's a nice big business."

Mel Ronick, Founder of Stacks and Stacks, named one of the 20 instrumental Players in the Housewares industry by Homewares Magazine.