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InterMetro Shelving and Accessories

InterMetro shelving systems are some of the most reliable and versatile storage shelves in the world, and ideal for heavy duty storage and organization in a home, warehouse, work shop, office, and more. The InterMetro wire shelves can be installed on the coordinating posts at one inch increments, so you can build a custom shelf that suits your personal storage needs. And as those needs change, you can adjust the location of your shelves to match. The professional grade InterMetro shelves can safely support up to 500 pounds, while the commercial grade shelves can hold from 600 to 800 pounds depending on the shelf width. In addition to a variety of shelves and posts we also offer full shelving unit kits that have everything you need to build shelves right out of the box. You can also check out InterMetro accessories, specialty shelves, and shelf liners and enclosures that all allow you to further customize your already versatile InterMetro system.

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