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Unique Kitchen Appliances, Popcorn Makers, Soymilk and Yogurt Makers and more!

Unique Kitchen Appliances are fun and functional! Looking for something different in the way of kitchen appliances? Check out our Novelty Appliances, a selection which includes everything from hot dog warmers to yogurt makers, and much more! From appliances that help you live a healthier life to a unique kitchen appliance that simply makes life more fun, we've got something for everyone. These unique appliances make great gifts for family and friends, year round! The Dry Doc Dryer is a small countertop appliances that safely dries shoes, gloves, mittens and socks in the winter months, while the 12 volt heated coffee mug is a must have on long morning commutes and road trips alike!

Novelty Appliances for Entertaining

For people of all ages, from little kids to grownups, we have some of the most unique entertaining appliances available. The Nostalgia Electrics movie theater popcorn machines look just like the old fashioned air popcorn makers, but are scaled down for your kitchen. This is a fun choice for children, perfect for their first slumber party! Choose from table top versions and full size freestanding models. A hot dog griddle keeps sausages warm and toasty at birthday parties and barbeques, and features a fun carnival design to match the festivities! For the adults, a pony keg cooler is always fun to have on hand, and for more formal occasions, a lighted party fountain can be filled with your favorite punch!

Unique Food Prep Appliances

On the more functional side of novelty appliances are health conscious machines that are designed to make your food more enjoyable and gratifying. Control food safety at home by making your own soymilk or yogurt the natural way, with just a little help from a machine! An old fashioned coffee grinder looks like an antique, while a food purifying system keeps your fruits and veggies safe for consumption! The possibilities are endless with our great selection of kitchen appliances!