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Cookware Organizers, Tray & Lid Organizers, Bakeware Organizers and Shelf Dividers for the Kitchen

Cookware Organizers can go a long way towards getting the kitchen cabinets organized. Upright or vertical shelf dividers create slots in your cabinet. This is very useful for storing serving trays, cookie trays and large pot lids, and also a great place to put cutting boards! Check out our selection and our tips below for where and how to use these organizing tools!

In the Kitchen

It seems like it's always a challenge to find the right lid for the pot you are using, but the right cookware organizer can help tremendously! We have a great selection of cabinet organizers and dividers for your pots and pans. Slide out shelves can help to organize bakeware and trays. We even have a pull out shelf designed specifically for pot lids! A 6 piece cabinet organizer kit has all the wire shelves you need to get your kitchen cupboards organized. Use a wire tiered organizer for frying pans - each is kept separate so you don't have to go digging through stacks of pans to find the right one! Wooden dowel racks can be used for lids to pots and pans, and also are great for dinner plates - each one has its own slot, no more chipping and scratching! A wall mounted pot lid rack keeps lids organized and easy to see. An under shelf tray holder slides onto a wooden shelf and makes great use of what is otherwise wasted space, great for platters and placemats!

In the Office

Not surprisingly, vertical shelf dividers have been proven useful in many other rooms of the home besides the kitchen. In the bathroom, they can separate the space under the sink for extra rolls of toilet tissue or towels. Mounted on the top of a closet shelf, they can divide stacked clothes like sweaters and pants. And, in the office, many bakeware organizers can double as file folder organizers. For more great office storage ideas, visit our Office store.
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