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Grocery Bag Holders, Plastic Bag Storage, Plastic Bag Organizers

Bag Storage products are a great tool in the kitchen! Wondering what to do with all those plastic bags you bring home from the grocery store? Check out our great selection of easy to use, innovative Bag Storage solutions for both paper and plastic shopping bags! In kitchens of all sizes, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with plastic shopping bags. Many people try to contain them in a drawer or cabinet, a real waste of space, and every time the drawer is opened, it's an explosion of plastic bags! Our plastic bag storage solutions include hard plastic, metal and bamboo wood, perfect for stuffing bags into storage. You won't believe how many plastic bags you can fit into a few inches until you try it! Check out this and more kitchen recycle bins to keep your busiest room of the home working for you!

Plastic and Paper Bag Storage

For excess plastic and paper shopping bags, the right container can do just that: contain them, ready for you to reuse on your next shopping trip or for another use. Hard plastic bag storage racks are a great choice for keeping things under control, as are metal. For a more stylish solution, a brushed steel and black hard plastic bag storage container is both elegant and functional, the best of both worlds. A chrome wire container is also a great choice, perfect for modern kitchens. Not a fan of plastic? Paper bags also need help staying tidy, and we have a coated wire bag organizer for paper sacks of all sizes, ready to mount under your sink or on any cabinet door!

Grocery Bag Cabinet Door Cans

What to do with those extra shopping bags? Use them as a garbage can under the sink. We have models for both paper and plastic bags that make it a cinch to reuse grocery bags for a more useful purpose!
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