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Dusters, Microfiber Dusters, Natural Hair Dusters and more!

Dusters keep your whole house clean from top to bottom! With the advancement in all types of technology has come the advancement in duster technology as well! Instead of just pushing dust and debris around the house, newer dusters have the ability to capture dust on the wand, without re-releasing it into the air! Electric dustpans allow you to easily pick up dust and debris, without even bending over. Simply sweep your debris up to the face of the electric dustpan and it will remove the contents for you! Check out our selection here and more unique cleaners for every room of the house!

Micro Fiber Dusters

Micro fiber has been popular for years now in all forms, from sofas and loveseats to blankets and even dusters! Micro fiber uses a special weave to create a material that is very easy to clean, and does a great job trapping dust. Microfiber cleaning cloths are one way to go, these are very versatile, and can be used on furniture or even computer screens. The OXO microfiber extendable duster is great for dust and dirt on the floor, and allows you to extend the length to get to hard to reach places. Other options include swiveling large surface microfiber cleaners and more!

High Reach and Telescoping Dusters

Many homes are built with beautiful cathedral ceilings. But, how do you get the spider webs and dust off of those ceilings? With a high reach or telescoping duster! Telescoping pole cleaners can be made to reach anywhere from ten to thirty feet, so you can really get in those hard to reach places. They are available with brushes, dusters and many more options. Then, when you are finished, simply lower the telescoping handle to and toss it in the cleaning closet! Cleaning ceilings has never been easier!
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