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Cleaning Tools

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Kitchen Cleaning Tools, Dish Brushes, Sponges, Sweepers and more!

Kitchen Cleaning Tools for all! We have some of the best, most unique Cleaning Tools to keep your bathroom, kitchen and the rest of the home spick and span! For the windows in every room, a squeegee is the right tool to get streak free glass. Choose from multi use squeegees, perfect for car windows, kitchen windows and more, updated with more comfortable handles than ever, and specially designed shower squeegees that clip over the shower head! All purpose cleaning gloves are improved to be more comfortable, sturdier, and available in fun colors including royal blue and even pink! Keep the rub away bar next to your sink - it works like magic to keep your hands garlic and onion smell free! Another great invention is the EZ touchless faucet which reduces the spread of dangerous germs in the kitchen! This and many more unique cleaning tools can be found in our cleaning store at Stacks & Stacks!

Kitchen and Dish Cleaning Tools

To make dish time easier and faster, invest in a kitchen cleaning tool specifically designed for this purpose! Dish scrubber brushes are found in every kitchen, and we have models that are improved for comfort and style, with fun colors to choose from. A handle free dish brush helps with stubborn food on pots and pans, and the OXO sink brush is one of the most comfortable dish brushes on the market! Other dish cleaning tools including dishwasher clean and dirty spinner signs, so you never have to wonder again about whether the dishes have been washed yet! A dishwasher basket keeps small lids and baby spoons in place, and out of the way of moving parts in the dishwasher!

General Cleaners

For the rest of the home, we have great general cleaners, good for use in every room. A grout brush has very stiff brushes to clean bathroom and kitchen tiles, similar to a window track brush. We also carry kitchen compost bins, dustpans and more for each room of the home!