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Kitchen Fruit Baskets, Banana Hangers, Fruit Bowls and Hanging Produce Baskets!

Find the best kitchen organizers and accessories online, including kitchen fruit baskets at Stacks & Stacks Homewares. For over 20 years, we have pioneered the home organizing field, with products for every room of the home, from the bathroom and garage to office and garage, updated daily with the most innovative organizing solutions! In the kitchen, keep healthy snacks handy all the time with one of our Fruit Hangers and Baskets. Each kitchen fruit basket is designed with style and function in mind, to keep your fruit fresh and handy. Studies show that people will eat fruit and vegetables more if it is readily available - what better way to remind yourself to get your five a day than with a bowl of fruit staring at you each time you enter the kitchen? Check out our selection to find the best style and fit for your kitchen counter!

Fruit Baskets and Bowls

Fruit bowls and baskets have been around forever, and we've got the updated models with unique form and function, bringing you the best of both worlds to keep your kitchen organized and health inspiring! A chrome fruit bowl with wide bands of stainless steel looks great in the middle of the dining room table, inviting your family to enjoy a piece of fresh fruit with every meal! We also have fruit baskets with built in banana holders. Hanging bananas is a great way to store them, as it reduces the cracks and bruising that make older bananas unappealing to the eyes and mouth. Choose from combo fruit baskets with banana hangers or freestanding banana holders that make this yummy fruit a splash of color in the kitchen!

Hanging Fruit Baskets

Hanging fruit baskets are a great choice for apartments and homes with limited kitchen pantry space. A stainless steel hanging fruit basket features three tiers, each with a basket weave that allows for air circulation around your fruit. This is a great place to keep fruit and room temperature vegetables, such as onions and garlic handy and off of the limited counter space!
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