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Lazy Susans, Kitchen and Dining Room Turntables, Two Tiered Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans have been around for a long time, for good reason! They can serve many purposes in the kitchen and dining room! We have a great selection of affordable Lazy Susans. From solid wood models to plastic, non stick and more, we've got a solution to every Kitchen storage problem you have. Simple white plastic turntables have been updated with non slip surfaces and more features, including handles. Chrome and stainless steel lazy susans are both stylish and functional, and look great on the countertop. And, we have many wooden models, from maple to recycled woods and much more! Check out our selection of Lazy Susans, available online at Stacks & Stacks, the storage experts!

Pantry, Cabinet and Counter Organizers

In the cabinet or pantry, Lazy Susans make food access easier. Instead of digging through the cabinet to find the right food, you can simply spin the turntable to see what you have. Larger models can hold heavy canned goods, while smaller ones are great for spices and bottled goods. A two tiered lazy susan can maximize cabinet storage, making use of the vertical space and still allowing you to access your food staples. Another great countertop tool are utensil holders, which keep your most used utensils handy!

Dining Table Lazy Susans

Just like you see in many restaurants, Lazy Susans make great servers on the dining room table. Large turntables can hold entire dishes of food, while a smaller one with a handle can hold napkins, salt and pepper - bring it to the table with you for dinner and back to the kitchen when you are done! We have beautiful hard wood turntables, including solid Maple, decorative Scalloped edged styles and even recycled wine barrels - a great choice for Wine Enthusiasts! For a very elegant look, we even have a Slate lazy susan, made of charcoal Vermont Slate, perfect for a formal dining room setting and more! Whatever type of dinner party you are having, you can benefit from a Serving Tray or Lazy Susan in the middle of your table.
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