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Kitchen Garbage Cans, Kitchen Trash Cans

With over 50 kitchen garbage cans to browse, it's easy to get overwhelmed. But, we've got something for every size of kitchen and the right trash can will make your kitchen cleaner and more organized.. See what we have to offer and the benefits of each type of garbage can. We have everything from inexpensive plastic swing top and step cans to deluxe butterfly open steel cans, each one designed to keep your kitchen free of litter and tidy at all times with just the kitchen trash can for you! Step cans are very popular these days for good reason. Since they have a lid, they can help keep garbage odors at bay. They also keep pets, kids and ants out, because they have a nice lid that is not easy to pull open. You keep your kitchen trash can under the sink to keep garbage smells away. But, to make things easier on you, check out our slide out trash cans. These garbage cans slide easily on tracks, usually using ball bearings for the smoothest glide. By far the easiest trash cans to use, automatic garbage cans use infrared technology to open the lid without you ever having to touch the can with your hands or feet! As your hand approaches the lid to throw something away, the infrared sensor knows that you are there and simply opens the lid for you! Couldn't be easier or more sanitary!
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