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Cookbook Holders, Cutting Boards, Kitchen Timers & more Kitchen Gadgets

Find the best Cook's Tools & Kitchen Gadgets in our online store. For fine-tuned cooking and baking, choose from over 20 kitchen scales, manual or electronic, and even nutritional scales that tell you the nutritional count of your favorite foods! For the passionate chef, a cooking thermometer makes a great gift year-round, from winter turkeys to summer barbecues. Cookbook holders keep your recipe books open to the right page, and some even have clear covers to reduce splatter marks. For food prep, we've hand-picked the best salad spinners, choppers and easy-to use can openers!

New Arrivals

New inventions in kitchen tools are easy to find on our site. Choose from the newest products available, including smooth-edge can openers to protect your fingers from cuts, banana hangers to prevent bruising, and the most advanced thermometers and timers that take the guesswork out of cooking and baking!

Cutting Boards & Salad Spinners

Create the perfect salad or prep for a special meal with the best cutting boards and salad spinners. With over 30 cutting boards to choose from, you are sure to find the best one for your cooking style. Our selection includes chunky wooden cutting boards, anti-bacterial plastics and even glass! A good salad spinner is easy to use and even easier to clean - check out our handpicked selection.

Timers & Thermometers

A timer is a must have in any kitchen, and, for serious chefs, a good kitchen thermometer is an absolute must! Kitchen tool technology has improved much over the years - you can now buy meat thermometers that are wireless so you never have to open the oven or barbecue until the food is done, and even instant read thermometers so you won't burn your fingers waiting for the reading. Don't miss out on these fun new food tech gadgets, and be sure to pick one up as a host or hostess gift for your next party!
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