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Cookbook Holders, Cook Book Racks & More Kitchen Tools!

Cookbook holders are a great kitchen tool! Cooks of all levels will love this great invention for the kitchen: the Cookbook Holder! We have a great selection of cookbook holders to keep your cookbook open, clean and ready to use. Cookbook holders are great for those who like to cook often, bake or even those who seldom use the kitchen. They work by keeping your cookbooks open to the right recipes, so you don't have to get the pages dirty or greasy with messy fingers. From solid wood racks to stainless steel models, we've got something to match every kitchen decor. Tip: Another great use for a cookbook holder is for holding your textbooks - your kids will be able to focus better on their math homework when the book is upright and open to the correct set of problems.

Cookbook Stands

Cookbook stands come in all sizes and colors, and keep your cookbook open to the right page while your hands are busy doing more important things. A stainless steel stand is great for holding books of all sizes, even thick cookbooks and more. They are easy to slide around on the counter top and save space by placing the book in the vertical position.

Covered Cook Book Holders

A covered cook book holder takes things another step by protecting your favorite cookbooks from splattering. This is especially useful for those who bake. If you bake, then you know that a certain amount of batter splattering across the pages of your cookbooks is to be expected. This problem is solved with a crystal clear cookbook cover mounted to the holder. We have everything from beautiful alder wood stands to bamboo and more! A dark wood cookbook stand folds flat with interior storage for recipe cards and magazine clip out recipes! So much and more fun Kitchen Tools for professional and aspiring chefs alike, available at
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