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Cutting Boards, Plastic Chopping Boards, Kitchen Cutting Boards and more!

A Cutting Board: The Right Tool for the Right Job! We've all heard that expression, and, as much as in the Garage, this expression applies in the Kitchen as well! Every home needs a Cutting Board, and whether you are a professional chef in training or just a sandwich maker, you can benefit from one of the cutting boards available in our Kitchen Tools Store. Choose from solid wood cutting boards, plastic chopping mats and even acrylic boards, all great choices for food prep. We even have tempered glass cutting boards!

Wooden Cutting Boards

A Wooden Cutting board is a popular choice, and for good reason! Wood provides a great surface for food prep, chopping veggies and more. And, wood is surprisingly sanitary, as long as you remember to wash with soap and water daily. A chunky cutting board or chopping block makes a statement of its own in the kitchen, while providing a great place to make dinner. We have beautiful Maple Wood rectangular cutting boards, square and round end grain boards and many more options. A cutting board with handles makes any cooking job easier. A stove top cutting board covers two to four burners and gives you a place to chop while the stove is off. Then, when you're ready to cook, simply lift the cutting board and cook away!

Plastic & Acrylic Cutting Boards

Plastic and Acrylic make a great alternative to Wood. Flexible chopping mats make cooking a cinch - chop away and then roll up the sides to carry your veggies with you to the stove - no more dropped food on the kitchen floors! Acrylic cutting boards are great for chopping, and they allow for your countertop to show through, a great idea if you have tile or beautiful granite counters that you want to show off! Choose from basic acrylic boards and boards with counter lips.
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