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Wine Refrigerators, Wine Coolers, Champagne Buckets and Dual Chamber Wine Coolers!

Keep your wine collection at the optimal temperature with a digitally controlled Wine Refrigerator! Placing wines in the refrigerator can damage their flavor, and wines kept in warm areas can age too fast. So, expert wine enthusiasts know that to really have a good collection of fine wines, an electric wine refrigerator is a must have. Most wine coolers are very easy to use, with digital controls, and other features on some models, including locking cabinets, basket drawers, adjustable shelves and more. Whether you want a built-in wine refrigerator or freestanding one, we have a great selection for you to browse!

Wine Refrigerators

We have over 70 wine refrigerators available on our website, from expert appliance makers including Danby, Franklin Chef, Vinotemp, Sunpentown, Sno and many more! If you are just getting started, a counter top 16 bottle wine refrigerator may be just right for you. However, if you know that you will be collecting and enjoying wine for a long time, we have high capacity racks that chill up to 50 bottles of wine.

Table Top Chillers and Buckets

To set the mood at your next get together, have a table top wine chiller or champagne bucket ready for your guests when they are seated for dinner! We have very elegant, chic stainless steel wine chillers from Blomus, and stunning copper ones. For a very dramatic effect, an LED lighted champagne chiller will impress your guests at first glance!

Dual Temperature Wine Refrigerators

Put simply, Red wines and white wines should ideally be kept at different temperatures to maintain their taste, quality and other properties. For reds, 50-55F is optimal, but whites can be stored at lower temperatures, 45F. So, if you enjoy drinking both types of wine, a dual chamber wine refrigerator is the best way to go. This way each type of wine has its own ideal temperature being maintained at all times.
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