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Laundry Carts, Rolling Laundry Carts, Laundry Storage Carts

A Laundry Cart or Rolling Laundry Cart gives you mobility when doing laundry. Get your laundry organized once and for all with our Laundry Carts! Our selection includes some of the best, hand picked carts to help you set up a system that works for you! Laundry carts come in many different styles, but they all have one thing in common: casters. Our laundry carts are designed to be mobile, beneficial for many reasons and in almost every home. Check out our tips below on different carts, how to use them and more! Another great way to keep dirty clothes under control is with a laundry sorter, which allows you to separate darks from lights and delicates. Or you can try traditional laundry hampers to keep odors at bay.

Laundry Organizers

A laundry center simplifies your entire laundry process. Some laundry carts have a clothes hanging rod on top, so you can do double duty by drying clothes that need to hang dry on the cart. Or, if you do a lot of ironing, you can hang the shirts on a hanger to prevent wrinkling after you have ironed. We even have laundry carts that have ironing boards on them. A shelf on top of the laundry cart is great for flat drying sweaters, or simply for stacking folded towels and transporting them back to the linen closet. Our mobile laundry center also includes drawers for clothes and laundry supplies. Keep a lint brush or lint roller handy in this laundry organizer for on the spot cleaning - you will look polished every day!

Mobile Laundry Sorters

A mobile laundry sorter is great for families, couples and singles! No more lugging heavy laundry bags and baskets around the house. You can simply roll the sorter from your bedroom or bathroom right to the laundry room. A laundry sorter helps to further simplify washing - keep whites, colors and delicates in separate bags so you don't have to sort when you get the washer going! Laundry carts usually include a sorter and a garment rack on top for drying and ironing. TIP: Another way to use a clothes sorter is by room of the house, or by people. That way you can do the load and throw it back in there, another solution for sorting clothes in a busy household!
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