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Laundry Hampers and Sorters

Laundry hampers and sorters at Stacks and Stacks

Laundry Hampers, Sorters, and Bags

Laundry hampers and sorters are the perfect solution for keeping dirty clothing separated and more manageable for laundry day. Clothing sorters offer two to four separate bags that make it easy to divvy up dirty clothing by color so you don't have to sort through a giant pile before starting a load of laundry. Many styles feature removable bags, so all you need to do is lift it up and head towards the washing machine. Laundry hampers are a more stylish option for hiding away dirty clothing until laundry day, and we offer a number of styles in attractive wood finishes that coordinate with a home decor. You can also check out rolling hampers that are great for tucking in a laundry room closet and simply rolling over to the washing machine when it's full. For college students and apartment dwellers we offer a number of laundry bags that are lightweight and easy to carry if laundry needs to be taken to a laundry room on a different floor, or local laundry mat.

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