Laundry Room Storage

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Laundry Room Storage and Organizers

Laundry rooms are often small and limited on square footage, so check out unique laundry room storage solutions and organizers that will help you make the space more efficient and manageable. Hanger storage racks and organizers help you manage that endless pile of hangers when they are not being used, and are also great for small retail clothing shops. Laundry carts are great for holding heavy items like full liquid laundry detergent containers, and their mobility makes it easy to move items around the room. We also offer carts that double as a laundry sorter for dirty clothing, and include a bar for hanging clothing to dry or to keep wrinkle free after ironing. Hanger holders and valets are another solution for hanging up freshly pressed garments, and we offer both over-the-door and wall mount styles so you can find one that suits your laundry room. Finally, add a few laundry room organizers to help manage laundry accessories and odds and ends between laundry days.

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