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Laundry Sorters, Clothes Sorters

Laundry Sorters come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure - they make laundry chores much easier. If everyone in the house sorts their own clothes, it will cut down laundry time significantly, and prevent shrinking everyone's favorite items by putting them in the wrong water temperature! There are many different ways to use a laundry sorter. We have some sorters that come pre labeled, with Whites and Colors embroidered right into the hamper - this couldn't be any easier when it comes to sorting your dirty laundry. If they aren't labeled for use when you get them, you can divide them up in many different ways. Designating each bag for a different part of the house is one great way! For example, bath towels in one bag, nursery clothes in another, and grown ups in the third bag allows you to wash the clothes, put them back in the same bag and then you know exactly where they are headed when they are clean and dry! Choose whatever works for your family, and sort away! Laundry bags are another option, great for youngsters, allowing them to carry their dirty clothes with ease to and from the laundry room.

Rolling Sorters

Rolling sorters are nice because instead of having to lift heavy laundry baskets and bags, you can simply roll the hamper from its starting point to the destination, laundry room, and back again when you are done. Some sorters come with removable bags, simply unhook the bags from the sorter, toss them in the washing machine and put them back on the hamper when you are done, a great way to keep them clean and free from stains!

Laundry Centers

Laundry centers are great for keeping the laundry room neat and tidy, and even better if they have casters so you can wheel them around the house. Most laundry centers come with a sorter or hamper, plus storage for washing detergents, stain removers, lint brushes and more! A hanging clothes rod above the center gives you a place to hang dry shirts, and if you iron frequently you can make use of a built in ironing board on some laundry centers! Check out our complete Laundry store for more tips!
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