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Laundry Room Shelves, Laundry Organizers, and Shelving Units

Find Laundry Room Shelving of all types online at A well organized laundry room makes daunting chores and tasks much easier and quicker to accomplish. From stacking folded laundry to storing detergents and cleaners, a laundry room shelf is a must have in every home! It doesn't have to take up too much space, either. If your laundry room is very tight, the Laundry Butler is a space-efficient option. It slides in between the washer and dryer on casters - roll it out to access bottles and cleaning supplies, and roll it back in when you're done so you don't see it!

Wall Mounted Laundry Shelves

If your laundry room lacks the space for a freestanding shelf, but you really need the organization, look up to the walls for solutions! We have pegboards and kits that allow you to organize things your way, a shelf here and a hook there, wherever you want! A laundry cabinet with doors is a great way to keep this space looking tidy. If your home didn't come with one, check out our selection to see if it will work for you. Laundry cabinets are great for detergents, and also cleaning supplies for the rest of the home - out of the reach of kids!

Freestanding Shelves

If you have the space or if you are renting and can't drill into the walls, a freestanding shelving unit works as well in the laundry room as it does in the garage or bathroom. That's why we've cross listed some of our shelving units among these important categories. We have heavy duty industrial shelves with adjustable shelves, perfect to set up a custom organizer for your laundry room. For everyday use and a more decorative feel, our silver mesh shelves are very popular, and come in a variety of sizes, including corner shelves! No more excuses for a mess in the laundry room!
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