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Dryer Balls, Bra Washing, Lingerie Bags and Washing Accessories!

Washing Accessories make washing your clothes easier, and also keep your clothes free from damage and looking their best always! Almost everything in this section is probably something you have never seen before. Now you can throw things in the washing machine that you never thought was possible before. And, with energy prices soaring and purses shrinking, it's no wonder that the demand for energy efficient laundry tools are in high demand. Check out our selection and our tips below for purchasing and using these new products!

Mesh Washing Bags and More!

You can throw almost anything into the washing machine these days, and not have to worry about damaging it. Mesh washing bags are great for things that you would normally hand wash, including delicates materials and lingerie. We have different sizes and colors for all of your delicate clothing. They couldn't be easier to use - simply toss your clothes into the bag, zip it up and let the washer do the rest of the work - no more tangled pantyhose! We also have specialty washing containers for other items. Sneaker washing bags allow you to put your tennis shoes into the washer and keep them contained. Bra cubes keep t shirt bras and lace safe in the washing machine. For your baseball hats, a ball cap cage keeps the shape while allowing the washing machine to clean them!

Drying Accessories and Clothing Care

In the dryer, we have special clips that keep your socks together so you don't have anymore mismatching problems - this is a major time saver in most homes! Dryer balls can be thrown in the dryer with any load of laundry and reduce static, and drying time, a time and money saver all in one product! Lint extractors are great at getting lint out of hard to reach places in your dryer, which can be a fire hazard and a drain on your wallet. For clothing care, stone pill shavers are great and a lint brush is a must have in every home!
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