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Locker Organizers, Locker Shelves, Magnetic Bins and More Locker Accessories!

Well organized kids do better in school than most, and a great place to help your young student start to get organized is in their locker! Kids love their school lockers, it's a place where they can keep their personal items and show a little of their personality at the same time - a Home away from Home for them. We have a great selection of lockers, Locker Accessories and more to get them started. These locker accessories aren't just for kids, though, they are also great for gym room lockers, and lockers in the workplace. From magnetic bins and baskets to stacking shelves, we have gathered the best tried and true Locker Organizers for you.

Magnetic Locker Accessories

Our Magnetic Locker Organizers are inexpensive, and couldn't be easier to use. They all feature extra strong magnets that stick right to the door and walls of your locker. For a splash of color, the clear plastic magnetic organizer bins are available in an assortment of vibrant, fun colors. They each have three pockets, and are great for extra pens and pencils, or makeup and toiletries at the gym! These handy magnetic baskets are also a favorite on refrigerators, for keeping coupons handy. A magnetic mirror with basket gives you a place to put on makeup or check out your hair, while taking up very little space. And see and store containers have lids to keep small supplies, anything from hair bands to paperclips!

Locker Shelves and Organizers

To maximize storage in your locker, and to make finding things easier, a locker shelf can help! These Locker Shelves divide the vertical space in your locker, creating anywhere from one to three shelves, perfect for sorting books, a place for your bag lunch and more! Choose from coated wire, or hanging fabric shelves for your locker.
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