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Add a decorative touch to your household or office decor with these beautiful desk and table clocks. These small tabletop clocks are designed for placement on a wall-mounted shelf, your office desk, or a nightstand in the bedroom. Since no mounting is required, these clocks are perfect for apartment or condo living. Several of our clocks are made from solid wood to complement traditional-style decors while others are made from rustic and sleek looking metals for a contemporary look and feel.

Several of the table clocks come with built-in alarms so you can take a nap on the couch or even a short snooze at your desk without worrying about sleeping for hours. The Pendulum Desk Clock, pictured left, features a cool pendulum that counts down the seconds for a traditional look and feel for your office decor, and you can even try to hypnotize yourself when you are bored. So whether you are looking for an accent piece to complement your decor or a functional clock to tell the time, look no further than these simple mantel clocks.