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File Boxes, File Folders, Document Boxes

A file box and file folder are two things every office needs! Find file boxes and more to meet your filing needs. For the ultimate in office organizing, look no further than our great selection of File Boxes & Folders. To really get your office organized once and for all, you need the right filing tools, and we've got the products to get you started including desktop organizers and more! From desktop file folders to large stacking plastic file boxes, we have something for every filing need! Feel like you are always tangled in cords? Charging stations can help keep PDAs and phones organized. Portable file boxes come in locking and non locking models, and are great for taking from the office home and vice versa. These portable files with handles are also good if you travel a lot for work, especially if you do demonstrations or are in sales. Architects will love our blueprint storage boxes and rolling files to keep their most important projects handy at all times! And, a wall mounted file box made of solid wood is great for inside or outside the office, as an inbox or a place to organize all your file folders!

Tabletop File Boxes

On the desktop or table top, a small file box or filing system is a must have. This is a great place to sort bills and mail, that don't need to go into long term storage. It is also a good choice if you have a lot of forms that you use frequently at work to keep them at hand at all times. Choose from small wire hanging files that hold file folders and are easy to flip through, and more elegant choices including faux leather desk organizers that can accommodate the inner file folders. And don't forget to check out our complete line of matching desk accessories.

Stacking File Boxes

Stacking file boxes are great for long term storage of files at home and at the office. If you are required to keep credit card receipts, tax information and insurance forms for many years, this is the place to keep them. Since you don't need regular access to these items, they can be stacked in the back of the closet or garage. Tip: Label each box with a permanent marker, noting the year of storage.
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