Artificial Rocks, Faux Rocks, Mock Rocks for Gardens and Yards

Artificial Rocks can solve just about any problem area in the garden and patio, both in the front yard and back! These faux rocks look exactly like boulders, but with some additional benefits for your home. They are very lightweight compared to real rocks, and hollow in the center, so you can hide things inside the rock, or hide things by using the rock! Here are some different reasons and ideas for using artificial rocks around your home! Faux rocks are great concealers. If you have large utility boxes, pipes and tubes, cables, anything that doesn't fit in with your otherwise natural outdoor setting, an artificial rock can help by covering it. Our rocks range in size from one to five feet and even more, so you can cover even the largest pipes, such as those that control your hot tub! Another great use of artificial rocks is on the lawn. If you have a problem area on your lawn, where the grass has died or your kids have made a big divot, this is a great way to hide it. Simply choose the right rock to match your landscaping and put it right over the spot on your lawn - voila! Good as new! And, finally, mock rocks are great for hiding things. If you like to keep a spare key around for locked out family members or the neighbors, a strategically placed faux rock can hide your key and no one will ever know it is there. Choose from a large variety of styles, colors and prices to find the right rock for your garden! To further accent your garden, arbors are a great place to start. For a smaller touch, we have dozens of garden ornaments for every style!

Address Signs & Fire Rocks

These fake rocks do double duty. We have faux rocks with customized address numbers on them, and more fun options. A burning boulder is like a little outdoor fire pit that burns sunjel, giving you a fun island vibe on your patio. Check out these and more fun fake rocks for your patio!
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