Garden Ornaments, Rain Chains, Solar Lanterns, Garden Globes and more!

To make your garden even more beautiful than it already is, choose a unique Garden Ornament. These great garden decor items are an inexpensive and maintenance free way to spruce up your outdoor living space. From stainless steel globes to glowing solar flowers and more, we've got some of the most beautiful, unique and affordable garden ornaments available!

Garden Globes and Ornaments

Garden globes have been popular for years for their ability to create a focal point in the garden, and add a splash of color. We have beautiful, colorful glass globes and even modern stainless steel ones, to add a modern touch to your outdoor decor. A family of ducks walking through your lawn is cute but the real ones can leave a mess, choose from one of our adorable duck sets with raincoats, angel outfits or even solid wood ducks to bring a smile to your face everyday! Outdoor speakers are updated to be hidden inside the body of faux frogs, so no one will know where the music is coming from. Finials and other statues, including heron and other wildlife ornaments add a natural and rustic feel to your outdoor space.

Rain Chains and Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are both beautiful and soothing, completing the relaxing feel of a lazy summer day. We also have beautiful rain chains, a wonderful variation on the wind chime, that make sweet sounds as the rain passes from one cup to the next on its way down to the ground. These chains are also a great decorative item, with copper cups and beads.

Solar Lanterns and Accessories

Get on board the solar train, with our great selection of solar lanterns and garden ornaments. Silk garden lanterns hang from trees and are available in rich, beautiful colors. Solar powered glass globes and even flowers can be placed anywhere in the garden - they soak up the sun during the day and glow softly at night!