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Outdoor Heaters

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Outdoor Heaters, Patio Heaters, Infrared Heat Lamps, Tabletop Heaters and more!

Outdoor Heaters provide warmth, light and ambience outside your house year round! Outdoor heaters are popular at restaurants, to give diners a warm, festive atmosphere while they enjoy their meal. Now you can have the same effect at your own outdoor entertaining events! Outdoor heaters use either electricity or propane gas to provide a radiant heat on your patio, front porch or paved garden, wherever you need it most! Most look like a lamp, with beautiful uses of stainless steel, copper and other metals. They are a great accompaniment to patio furniture, an outdoor dining set or chair. We also have additional accessories, including patio heater covers and more. Check out our great selection of the newest and most affordable outdoor heaters to liven up your patio now!

Gas and Propane Outdoor Heaters

The most common type of outdoor heater uses a propane tank, just like a barbecue! Simply fill the tank, place it underneath the heating unit, plug it in and light the fire! Tabletop models use smaller tanks and heat up to 10 feet, while floor heaters use larger tanks. Look for special safety features on some models, including tilt shutoffs, low oxygen shutoffs and more. Styles range from beautiful copper heaters and stainless steel models, either plain or with stamped designs. Bronze, black painted steel and more styles are all included in our selection.

Electric Outdoor Heaters

A great alternative to gas heaters are electric outdoor heaters, which use an electrical plug just like you have all around your home! Our selection of electric heaters include models that look just like table lamps, so your guests won’t even know until they feel the warmth from the heater. For a more permanent solution to chilly summer nights, wall mounted infrared patio heaters can be mounted to the wall and aimed to send heat downward toward seating areas.

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