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Outdoor Trash Receptacles


Outdoor Cleaning Tools, Outdoor Waste Containers and more!

An outside cleanup job needs an Outdoor Cleaning tool! And we've got the selection to get you started on your way toward a tidier, cleaner patio and yard! From gardening tools to cleaning tools specifically designed for big, outdoor jobs, we've got something for every job! Outdoor brooms are specifically designed to hold up to weather, and pick up larger items than what is typically found inside. Specially designed outdoor waste cans can be placed near the outdoor entertaining area, or where yard work is usually done. And we even have a specially designed microfiber cleaning mitt for pets, it works like magic to get dirt, water and mud off of them, and keep it out of your house. Check out our great selection of outdoor cleaning products and more for Patio Accessories and solutions for homes of every size!

Outdoor Cleaning Tools

From push brooms like the grabber broom, which uses flared bristles to literally catch everything in its path to mobile trash receptacles, and many more items in between, we've got some of the most unique outdoor cleaning tools available, and more for your garden, patio and front lawn. A push lawn sweeper makes raking leaves a cinch, simply roll over them and let the machine catch the leaves, doing most of the work for you! A pressure washer is a great investment to have in the garage, much less expensive than professionals charge, and they work wonders in making driveways and home exteriors look brand new.

Outdoor Waste Containers

Outdoor trash cans are built for the outdoors, sturdier and bigger than you will find in the kitchen. We have great outdoor waste cans in all shapes and sizes, from squares to hexagons, and even sets that include ash trays to keep cigarette butts contained. Other accessories found here include highway traveler mobile large waste container and a rolling trash can cart.
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