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Over the Door Clothes and Shoe Organizers, OTD Hooks & Garment Racks!

Over the Door Racks are great for making use of storage on the back of a door - a frequently overlooked storage space in the home. Yet, this is one of the most useful, space efficient storage spaces that is available in every room of every home! Specially designed hooks can be hung over the top of any door, whether it is the closet, bathroom or bedroom, and then feature organizers of all sizes, shapes and colors. These Over the Door Organizers can be designed to hold shoes, purses, socks, bathroom supplies, and more. You name it and it can hold it! In the kids' room, a colorful OTD pocket organizer inspires them to put their toys and clothes away, keeping their room tidy every day. In the hall closet, an Over the Door Shoe Rack is great for the whole family to use. The possibilities are endless here. Check out our great selection of OTD hooks and more to start getting organized around your home! To maximize clothes hanging, double rods are placed right over the existing rod, multiplying the hanging space in an instant!

Over the Door Garment Racks and Hooks

An over the door garment rack comes in a few different forms. One type of these employs two triangular brackets to hold a closet rod where you can hang clothes, just like you have in your closet. This can be used in a pinch if you have run out of closet rod space, but it also has even more useful applications around the house. In the laundry room, an over the door closet rod is used for hang drying clothes, and also is a great place to hang shirts after you iron them to make sure they don't get wrinkled again. In the bathroom, one of these organizers can hold everyone's robe separate on a hanger, or it can even be used as an over the door towel rack.

Over the Door Pocket Organizers

To maximize your storage on the back of any door, a pocket organizer is a great choice. These organizers are made of fabric with different size pockets, and can be used for shoes, scarves and much more. Choose from colorful models for the kids room and more muted whites and off whites for the grownups!
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