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Pet Beds

Ecoflex Dog HouseRaised Pet Bed - EspressoRaised Pet Bed - RussetCedar Pet Bed
Ecoflex Dog House

$199.99 - $279.99

Raised Pet Bed - Espresso

$82.99 - $146.99

Raised Pet Bed - Russet

$89.99 - $159.99

Cedar Pet Bed


Heated Dog BlanketPet Cooling BedEgg Crate Dog BedDog Crate Mat
Heated Dog Blanket


Pet Cooling Bed


Egg Crate Dog Bed


Dog Crate Mat

$28.99 - $62.99

Dog Cushion - DenimDog Cushion - MossSnuggle Pet Bed - BeigeSheepskin Dog Bed
Dog Cushion - Denim

$49.99 - $82.99

Dog Cushion - Moss

$49.99 - $82.99

Snuggle Pet Bed - Beige

$49.99 - $74.99

Sheepskin Dog Bed

$35.99 - $49.99

Dog Hammock BedOutdoor Dog HomeDog Cushion - CocoaOrthopedic Dog Bed
Dog Hammock Bed

$86.99 - $156.99

Outdoor Dog Home

$189.99 - $349.99

Dog Cushion - Cocoa

$46.99 - $77.99

Orthopedic Dog Bed


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Pet Beds, Pet Pillows, Pet Bed Mattresses, Cat and Dog Cots and more!

Looking for a Pet Bed for your favorite pooch or kitty? Here, the possibilities are endless, with over 60 pet beds of varying sizes, colors and prices for you to browse, without ever leaving the house! Our selection of pet pillows, crates, beds and mattresses is unmatched. For small dogs and cats, we have pet pillows and baskets. Our pet pillows are available in everything from plain canvas to more chic upholstered styles, like the Abby patch pillow that looks just like a decorative throw pillow, but is designed with your pet's comfort in mind. Small dogs and cats also love sleeping in baskets, we have both woven baskets with padded pillow inserts, and fuzzy pillow beds with raised sides for the ultimate in cozy sleeping. Check out our collection to get started on a happier, healthier pet today!

Pet Pillow Beds

For many dogs and cats of all sizes, the right pet bed is simply a pillow sized just right for them, that's why they love sleeping on beds, just like we do! Our pet pillow selection is large and varied. Small pets can choose from round, oval and rectangular pillows with updated fabrics, such as terry cloth and microfiber, and vibrant colors. For medium size dogs, a designer corduroy pillow is available in several colors to make both you and the pet happy. And, for large dogs, a large doggielounge, or a simple but big pillow does the trick! We even have travel pet beds that zip up and fit in the trunk of your car - this is a great option for dogs that travel frequently (with their owners, of course).

Framed Pet Beds

The most luxurious and permanent option for homes is a framed pet bed. Just like human beds, these pet beds sit on a frame, making a dog feel special and comfortable at once! Choose from wood, cedar log dog beds, wrought iron daybeds and more to find the right bed for your favorite little friend!
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