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Pet Bowls and Feeders, Automatic Feeders, Pet Food Storage containers and more!

Your pet deserves the very best, and that's what we have in our pet accessories store, including some of the best and most unique Pet Bowls and feeders available! Pet bowl holders, like the doggie diner and double diner keep your dog or cat's food and water bowl off the floor. This is a benefit to you and your pet! For you, these pet bowl stands protect your carpet or hardwood floors from stains, scratches and damage from soggy pet food and water bowls, and also allow you to clean underneath them with ease. For your pet, the benefit is a more properly positioned eating area, so he or she doesn't have to stoop down too low, causing stress to the neck and back. Choose from wooden pet bowl stands, including a beautiful cedar log stand, and wrought iron models, something to match every decor!

Automatic Pet Feeders

If you go on frequent trips, or simply stay away for long periods for work, shopping and more, ensure that your favorite pooch has enough food and water to last him through the day with an automatic pet feeder. These feeders can be something as simple as the pet waterer, just like your water cooler at work, these can hold up to five gallons of water and use gravity to refill again and again! Little cats will love these just as much as dogs, having easy access to fresh water day and night! For something a little more complex, the 8 a day pet feeder actually can feed your pet up to eight times a day, and will play a sweet voice recording to them each time!

Pet Food Storage Containers

We don't like to eat stale food, so why should our pets? Pet food storage containers come in all shapes, materials and sizes, and are designed to hold dry cat and dog food. Airtight models are available to keep ants and rodents out of the food, and also really put a stop to stale pet food!
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