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Pet Care and Maintenance, Pet Training Devices and more!

Find a great selection of Pet Care and Maintenance products, including pet training devices, cleaning tools and more! This selection includes some of the most unique products designed to help man and man's best friend coexist more easily. Whether your favorite pet is a puppy, kitten, or older cat or dog, you are sure to find these tools helpful in your house and while you are away as well! An outdoor pond feeder ensures that your fish get fed everyday, whether you remember or not! A soft sided exercise pen is great for traveling with young, energetic dogs. Just like a playpen for toddlers, this pen allows little dogs to run around freely in a designated area, so they will stay out of your host's things.

Pet Training Devices

From barking to potty training problems, to get the most enjoyment out of your pet for years to come, training them early to be good house pets is key! Dogs that bark incessantly are a nuisance to owners, neighbors and other pets. A dog bark trainer is a device that discourages the dog from barking by responding with ultrasonic waves, a painless, yet effective “negative reinforcement” style of pet training. Several models, features and prices are available. For potty training, equip yourself with the right tools, just like you would your toddler! A large pet training tray and disposable tray pads is a great place to start.

Pet Cleaning Tools and Health Aids

To keep your pet, and your home, clean, and your dogs and cats healthy, choose from a variety of cleaning tools and health and safety aids. A microfiber cleaning mitt works wonders at cleaning your dog or cat before they enter the house, removing dirt, dust, water and excess hair easily. A bellmeasure food scoop is ideal for pets that are on a diet, to ensure that you give them the correct amount of food each time! And, on the go, the doggie traveler dog bag and kit keeps everything you need in one small case.
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