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Cat Scratching Posts, Litter Boxes and Cat Houses!

Find everything you need to spoil your kitty in our online Pet accessories store! Cat Scratching Posts and Litter Products are good for you and good for your pet! When your pet is happy, you are happy, as is your home. A cat, just like a dog, needs exercise and play, and the right litter box! Some of the unique pet products in our selection include the kitty walk, which allows your cat to walk around outside safely, without running away and without risk of harm from other animals. A simply net extends from a pet door into your front or back door and creates a netted tunnel, with towers and houses along the way. Check out this and more unique cat houses, scratching posts and litter products to keep your favorite feline happy!

Scratching Posts and Cat Houses

To get your cat to stop scratching the furniture, give him a place where he is allowed to scratch! A scratching post is sometimes all that is needed to make kitty happy and keep his claws off of the couch. Choose from affordable small posts that have carpet and rope to full size deluxe carpeted cat houses. A cat tree is a great option for cats of all ages, for kittens to run up and down and for older cats to sleep high up out of reach of kids and other pets! Cat cushion beds are a favorite of small pets, as they can curl up in a little pillow just their size!

Litter Boxes and more!

To reduce or eliminate accidents with your cat, choose the right litter box from the get go! Specially designed kitty litter boxes help to reduce the cleanup that you have to do with seats and more. A cat washroom gives your kitty privacy while he uses the litter box, and keeps odors at bay, to keep you both happy!

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