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Pet Products, Dog Houses, Cat Furniture, Dog Crates and more for your Pets

Find the newest Pet products in our online pet supply store! From basic needs to high-tech gear, we've got affordable solutions to every pet problem. Your cats will love scratching away on our deluxe cat trees and other cat furniture, and your dogs will find that a new kennel or dog crate is their best friend. We have a great selection of pet beds, with everything from inexpensive pillows to luxurious wood hammock dog beds. Pet doors have come a long way over the years, with automatic and security features and special sizes to match your individual animal. Keep your pooch's joints healthy with pet stairs and pet ramps, designed to assist them up and down from beds and cars. Automatic feeders and wrought iron doggie diners are a favorite gift for animal lovers.

Dog Houses

Shop for only the best dog houses for your favorite little friend. We have beautiful log cabin dog houses, and modern painted bunk houses. With sizes, prices and styles to match every home, you are sure to find what you need and more. In the summer, a lift top roof is great for ventilation, keeping your pet cool in the hottest months.

Pet Care and Maintenance

Our pet care store has the best tools to keep your pets looking and acting their best. Professional bark control trainers are a must have if your dog has a tendency to use his voice loudly. A pet food scoop with measurements helps those with special food diets. Microfiber cleaning mits clean animals, getting hair, water and dirt off them easily and without a fight.

Pet Doors

To keep you and your pet happy, Pet Doors are often the way to go! It's easy to select the right size for your dog or cat and your door! Choose from easy to use fast fit pet doors and locking magnetic pet doors which keep unwanted animals outside!