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Rain Expandable Drawer Organizer by Interdesign

Rain Expandable Drawer Organizer by Interdesign

The Rain Expandable Drawer Organizer is a great addition to any drawer. This organizer allows you to place items in one of its slots and separate like items.

The Rain Expandable Drawer Organizer has a simple, modern style and adds useful bathroom organization to your home. This drawer organizer is not just great in the bathroom; use it in the kitchen, hall or bedroom as well! It is made from resipreme material, which is sturdier than glass but has a similar clear quality. This drawer organizer has six slots of various sizes, allowing for storage of many different items. This organizer can be expanded, allowing you to fit it perfectly into your drawer. The base of this organizer has a textured quality, allowing the items you store to stick to the bottom. 

  • Expands to 18.75" wide.
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Dimensions (Metric Conversion)
Rain Expandable Drawer Organizer - by Interdesign - 50850
List Price: $11.99
You Save: $3.40 (39%)
1.25"H x 11"W x 7.75"D

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  • Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required
  • Made of
  • Dimension(s)
    1.25"H x 11"W x 7.75"D

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Questions about this item:
Shopper: I'm looking to organize lots of costume jewelry of all sizes. As I figure the size drawer I have I could use 3 of these containers on the bottom of the drawer and then stack 3 more on top of them, as I asked if they could be stacked and was told yes. Having purchased this item, do you think it would work well for this purpose?
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Comment(s) about this item:
Janet W: Doesn't matter how hard I try to keep the drawer organized...within a day its a disaster again. Here's hoping this will help!