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Travel Accessories are important! Even if you don't travel by plane very often, you can still make use of our Travel Accessories and Organizers. Colorful luggage tags are fun and functional, a great gift for family and friends. Going overseas? Check out our electronic translators for smoother traveling to Germany, Spain, France and more. Travel cushions are great for plane and car trips, and our selection of organizer bags is great for children, grown ups and business travelers alike!

Lap Desks

Lap desks aren't just for traveling, they are great to have around the home whether or not you have a laptop! Lap desks can be used in bed, on the couch or in your favorite chair in lieu of having a table or formal desk. Eat in bed or on the couch with a laptop desk, or work on your laptop. If you dread paying bills each month, a lap desk can make it more enjoyable when done in front of the television or in a comfy armchair. Lap desks come in many shapes and sizes - browse our selection to find such features as padded bottoms, angled desks, desks with air circulation and more (please see each individual item for details on what it offers).

Travel Appliances

Travel appliances are designed to make life on the road (or in the air) almost as easy as it is at home. Garment steamers and brushes are compact, so they fit in your luggage without taking up too much room and provide instant ironing when you get to your hotel. Inverters work in the cigarette lighter of your rental car to give you on-the-go household style outlets for charging your latptop or almost anything else you can think of. Other unique travel appliances available on our site are sanitizing wands, travel daylight lamps and even travel toothbrush sanitizers. Have fun shopping for you and your friends without leaving the house!

Cosmetic Organizers and Toiletries Bags

Toiletry bags are great for keeping all your favorite shampoos, razors and body scrubs handy, allowing you to look as good while you travel as you do at home. Check out updated features on some bags, including folding options, hidden storage for valuables and hangers that go on the back of your hotel door or in the closet!
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