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Metal Storage Trunks, Footlockers, Travel Trunks and more!

Storage Trunks have been around for more than a century, and are also traditionally known as Footlockers. This is because these handy storage cases were originally used by soldiers at the foot of their bed to hold personal belongings, hence, the footlocker name! Since then everyone has found great uses for these storage trunks, from band equipment to sports equipment, garage storage and more!


A great project for kids and teens is to set up a footlocker at the end of their bed, or anywhere else in their room. Children can choose the color, with everything from chrome to red, blue to pink, and then decorate it with stickers, posters and paint. This is a great way for young adults to express their interests. Then, the trunk can stay in their room, or go to summer camp with them. The possibilities are endless.

Storage Trunks

These trunks also provide a great way for organizing and general storage in and around the home. In the garage, these hard cases storage boxes are made of sturdy compressed board with metal frames, so they provide very strong protection against damage to stored items, perfect for breakables like china, sculptures and collectibles. Choose from rolling and non rolling models. Rolling style trunks are a good option for storing seasonal items, bring them out of the garage during the holidays or summer, and then roll them back in when the seasons change!

Travel with Trunks

Traveling with a trunk is a great alternative to luggage in certain situations. One of the benefits of a trunk for travel is that when you get to your destination, the trunk provides an on the spot dresser and clothes organizer. Instead of having to dig through a tight suitcase or empty all of your belongings into hotel closets, an open trunk provides a great place, just like a dresser drawer, to keep your clothes stacked and organized!
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