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Vinotemp International Products

Vinotemp is known for servicing both the industrial and consumer industries for over 20 years. Build your wine cellar with help from Vinotemp. Hospitality industries will love the case wine racks, or diamond wine racks. Vinotemp high-end wine racks are great for the wine collector.

18-Bottle Double Row Wine Rack9 Bottle Single Row Wine RackGlass Door Beverage CoolerStackable Wine Glass RackUnder Counter 58-Bottle Wine Chiller
18-Bottle Double Row Wine Rack
Price: $94.99
9 Bottle Single Row Wine Rack
Price: $86.99
Glass Door Beverage Cooler
Price: $1,099.99
Stackable Wine Glass Rack
Price: $99.99
Under Counter 58-Bottle Wine Chiller
Price: $1,069.99
27-Bottle Triple Row Wine RackConnoisseur Wine Opener and StandSingle Bottle Wine Chiller and Warmer12 Bottle Digital Wine Cooler50-Bottle Wine Fridge
27-Bottle Triple Row Wine Rack
Price: $95.99
Connoisseur Wine Opener and Stand
Price: $149.99
Single Bottle Wine Chiller and Warmer
Price: $194.99
12 Bottle Digital Wine Cooler
Price: $399.99
50-Bottle Wine Fridge
Price: $1,519.99
Stackable Diamond Wine RackSingle Bottle Shot ChillerAlcohol Breathalyzer48-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine CoolerWine Case Rack
Stackable Diamond Wine Rack
Price: $99.99
Single Bottle Shot Chiller
Price: $272.99
Alcohol Breathalyzer
Price: $54.99
48-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
Price: $1,059.99
Wine Case Rack
Price: $459.99
Portable Ice MakerFreestanding Gas Grill6-Column Half-Height Wine RackDouble Bottle Shot Chiller160-Bottle Wine Refrigerator
Portable Ice Maker
Price: $349.99
Freestanding Gas Grill
Price: $689.99
6-Column Half-Height Wine Rack
Price: $359.99
Double Bottle Shot Chiller
Price: $499.99
160-Bottle Wine Refrigerator
Price: $2,798.99
Wine BagCorner Wine RackDiamond / Case Wine RackWine Cooling SystemX-Shaped Wine Rack
Wine Bag
Price: $44.99
Corner Wine Rack
Price: $559.99
Diamond / Case Wine Rack
Price: $519.99
Wine Cooling System
Price: $1,430.99
X-Shaped Wine Rack
Price: $379.99
6-Column Wine Rack with TabletopWine Carrier21-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler1-Column Wine Rack12-Bottle Stackable Wine Rack
6-Column Wine Rack with Tabletop
Price: $689.99
Wine Carrier
Price: $99.99
21-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler
Price: $474.99
1-Column Wine Rack
Price: $119.99
12-Bottle Stackable Wine Rack
Price: $99.99
Diamond Individual Wine RackCurved Corner Wine Rack16-Bottle Wine CoolerDiamond-Shaped Wine RackCase Wine Rack
Diamond Individual Wine Rack
Price: $599.99
Curved Corner Wine Rack
Price: $574.99
16-Bottle Wine Cooler
Price: $349.99
Diamond-Shaped Wine Rack
Price: $89.99
Case Wine Rack
Price: $359.99
3-Column Wine RackQuarter Round Wine ShelfElectric Beverage Cooler12-Bottle Trellis Wine RackElectric Corkscrew
3-Column Wine Rack
Price: $319.99
Quarter Round Wine Shelf
Price: $345.99
Electric Beverage Cooler
Price: $629.99
12-Bottle Trellis Wine Rack
Price: $59.99
Electric Corkscrew
Price: $43.99
12-Bottle Wine Fridge6-Column Wine Display RackDiamond Wine Rack8 Column Wine Rack18-Bottle Wine Refrigerator
12-Bottle Wine Fridge
Price: $319.99
6-Column Wine Display Rack
Price: $619.99
Diamond Wine Rack
Price: $629.99
8 Column Wine Rack
Price: $749.99
18-Bottle Wine Refrigerator
Price: $418.99
Digital Temperature and Humidity Gauge2-Column Magnum Display RackDual Wine and Beverage Cooler6-Bottle Wall-Mounted Wine CoolerDouble Diamond Wine Rack
Digital Temperature and Humidity Gauge
Price: $54.99
2-Column Magnum Display Rack
Price: $297.99
Dual Wine and Beverage Cooler
Price: $1,299.99
6-Bottle Wall-Mounted Wine Cooler
Price: $349.99
Double Diamond Wine Rack
Price: $499.99
Adjustable Coffee Maker and DispenserL-1 Wine Display ShelfThree-tier Wine RackTabletop and Wine Rack6-Bottle Wine Refrigerator
Adjustable Coffee Maker and Dispenser
Price: $699.99
L-1 Wine Display Shelf
Price: $765.99
Three-tier Wine Rack
Price: $819.99
Tabletop and Wine Rack
Price: $1,799.99
6-Bottle Wine Refrigerator
Price: $269.99
Infrared Wine ThermometerHandheld Wine Corkscrew34-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler8-Column / Diamond Wine RackDouble Bin Wine Rack
Infrared Wine Thermometer
Price: $49.99
Handheld Wine Corkscrew
Price: $44.99
34-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler
Price: $519.99
8-Column / Diamond Wine Rack
Price: $734.99
Double Bin Wine Rack
Price: $550.99
Cooling System for Wine Cellars
Cooling System for Wine Cellars
Price: $1,699.99